Photo Subscription

Do you manage an Instagram channel (or many) and often feel stressed about taking a perfect photo to keep your content looking professional as well as consistent?

To take off this pressure and make Instagram posts easy and fun again, I offer a special photo service for subscribers

Do you want your brand look professional with a consistent grid on social media ?

Do you often roll out new products and want them to look timely according to seasons, events and trends?

Do you worry your customers will notice you post stock photos the same as other brands?

If there was a "yes", we need to talk. Let's book your free consultation.

Benefits beyond a nice grid

Saving money and time. No need to invest in professional photo gear or spend hours learning photography. Instead, dedicate your time to develop your professional skills and grow your business.

No more missed posts. Are you on and off social media because you don’t have a right photo to post? Photo subscription supplies you with up to date content, so you won’t have to miss a post again.

No more time consuming and pricy shoots. You don't need a whole photoshoot to cover a single release, a special event or a few long overdue portraits. Photo subscription allows you to stay on topic and promptly cover exactly what is relevant now.

How does this work?

Subscription model consists of foundational shoot - a longer session where we create a solid visual base and a consequent series of micro-shoots. These brief sessions will allow us to highlight important updates in your feed without booking a lengthy shoot


Prime Shoot (2hrs)

Our first shoot is the longest. Here we focus on creating a solid foundation for your brand on the social media. We cover the prime topics of your account. These photos will be a stash of visual content that you can use at any day.


Micro-shoots (1hr/each)

We create a list of important topics & highlights for the upcoming month.. Whether it's a fresh release, a new client, an exciting event, or all together. We meet for an hour shoot to cover it all and get you an up to date content. 

Signing up

It usually take up to 3 shoots to feel if the model works for you and what adjustments you might want to apply.

If you like it, we sign a custom tailored contract that suits your needs.

If you wonder if this is for you or not, let's schedule on a free consultation call. The subscription model is very scalable to fit the unique vision and needs of your business. 

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