Captivate your audience.

The popularity of social media and other online platforms makes video marketing a smart strategy for engaging a wide audience, maximizing your brand value, and increasing sales. A high-quality product video can captivate and inspire to action. I'll be with you from drafting the script and shooting the content to editing and post-production.



Art direction and concept development
Outfit suggestions

Location scouting

Best for:
  • Promotional videos

  • Product videos for e-commerce

  • Website clips



A promo video for Inotka's rose quartz facial roller showcasing the details of the product in use during daily morning routines.

Donna Wilding

Intro video for Donna Wilding's online course "Unleash Your Legacy" - a program about finding one's purpose on the life journey

Urban Minerals

A promo clip for a new line of lipstick essentials released by Urban Minerals, showcasing details of the lipsticks and how they look on the stunning members of the company.

Bitfury Peach & HadePay

A promo video showcasing the ease of operating a cryptocurrency payment system powered by Bitfury Peach & HadePay - a fast and convenient payment system for all kinds of clients.


A promo video for a collaborative project with Natalia Juarez where we do makeovers for people's dating profiles. The video makes it simple to understand the process of Natalia's dating program.